Our mission is to rehabilitate stray and abused animals and birds and provide them with a safe home. We aspire to build an animal reserve and a bird sanctuary in India for them where they can live in peace. We also wish to open a hospital for our animal friends and start a mobile clinic service in order to provide spay/neuter and other surgery to stray and injured animals.

Please come forward to help our innocent animals friends, who are tortured, abused and killed for no fault of them. Mankind has gone beyond all limits of cruelty to use and sell every part of an animal's body and we need to stop that. Life for Animals is a small effort to provide a peaceful and dignified life to animals. Come, be a part of the initiative, and make your gift. If you and I will not speak and act for them, who will? We need a fund of around $500,000 to realize our dream of setting up of the Animal Reserve. 

Our immediate goal is to set up a fully equipped mobile clinic which would be a valuable asset in our efforts to rescue injured and mistreated or abused stray and wild animals, and would assist greatly in their conservation and animal welfare work. The purpose of setting up a Mobile Wildlife Clinic is to help animals wherever needed, and to rescue animals from places all over the country when veterinary assistance would be required. With the installed equipment such as pulse-oximeters, IV-pump and a gas-anesthetic respirator, the mobile clinic will allow us to assess, treat, and monitor animals at the rescue location. The mobile clinic will also help us to provide a neuter/spay service for local street dogs and abandoned domestic pets. We will also have dart-guns which will make catching injured wildlife animals such as macaques easier and safer for both animals and our team. To set up the mobile clinic, we need a fund of approximately $7,000. Please make your gift here to help animals.